5310-A  Audio Downloadables

Get the Most From Your MEEC!

Not everyone has 3 devices!  Yet, you may have some combination of these that you use frequently:

  • Mac or PC main computer
  • a laptop devices
  • a pad device, such as an iPad
  • your android or iPhones
  • an iPod or MP3/MP4 player

It may not make sense to download your audio files on everything.  Think about where you what to listen and practice your files. Where do you listen to music, podcasts, watch videos?  That could be your phone device with earbuds! You’re practicing without the print primarily:  that’s very easy to do on a phone! Put at least one of your downloads of the audio files there!

BEST PRACTICE TIP:  Want to access audio files on your iPhone? Currently, you must put them in your music directory on the computer FIRST (i.e., ITunes directory, if that applies) and THEN open your music library on your phone to access them.  Your iPhone does not have the capability to ‘unzip’ these files (which is the way they come!)


Thank you for choosing Vowel System of American English Audio Series (5310-A) in our MEEC Series (Mastering Effective English Communication Series). You have your print edition already: here is your access to your audio files.

With your single-user license, you may download these audio files on up to three personal devices! This should be a very straightforward process, but please contact us if you have any problems.

Want to know the keys to success? Review Left-hand bar first. You’re halfway there if you plan:

  • which devices make practice easy & immediately accessible and
  • when you want to practice aloud and
  • where you want to practice

Do all three of the above and you’re off to the best possible start to change and improve your speaking habits for your second+/newer language!

Our Best Practice Suggestion: download your files one at a time!

These files may be large and may take a moment or two to download depending on your device speed. Be patient. You do not need to do it all at once: you have 14 days to return as often as you like.
Each one is a .zip file containing all the tracks in that CD/audio file. Confirm where your downloads go on each device you use! After downloading, find each and (separately) right click and “Save Target As” to navigate to a destination for your audio files. Look closely at the titles and see where they are going! Your system, however, may have a different process for saving downloads: defer to that.

Audio Files – CD 1
Audio Files – CD 2
Audio Files – CD 3
Audio Files – CD 4

Best of luck!

Keep in touch, if you like. We have live online training as well.

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