5312-A  Audio Downloadables


Your instructor has chosen the M.E.E.C. Intonation Patterns of American English Series for your course:  a print workbook plus a license number for the 4 downloadable audio files. You already purchased these course materials through your bookstore.   When you paid for these materials at the bookstore you were given: the print workbook, your license number and the link to this web page.   Below, please find out how to personally register your audio license number and a link to immediately download the audio files for your course. Please note: this license number is not transferable and is tied to your purchase.

1. Register Your Product:

Product ID#: 5300 Series #5312  Intonation Print Book and four downloadable audio files.  

Go to this link and register the product. 

Carefully choose the correct title, as shown in the snap at the left.

2. Download Your Audio Files

Carefully click or paste this link in your browser (repeated in full below):  https://sharesync.serverdata.net/us3/s/pbuyv7WtFvyssZdBz7eWLK003e592c

It is available 24/7.  No additional passwords are needed.  This is your purchased link and cannot be shared.  A visual of what you will see appears at left. Besides the audio folders, you can also downloaad some bonus .pdf files to assist your learning. NOTE All folders must be downloaded on your device to open/use.  


Our Best Practice Suggestion: download your files one at a time!

These audio folders may be large and may take a moment or two to download, depending on your device speed. Be patient. You do not need to do it all at once: you have 14 days to come back to this link as often as you like!

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