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Onl ine Trainer Center – Level 1 Series LDS & Associates  13861 Newport Avenue, Suite 8-831, Tustin, CA 92780 Questions? 714-838-6002 www.LDSassoc.com  email: trainers@LDSassoc.com 2019  2 & ASSOCIATES Onl ine Trainer Center – Level Welcome to the Online Trainer Center Where Do You Fit on the Continuum of Professional Expertise for Accent? Perhaps you’re looking for new avenues for your professional talents and have considered the field of accent and advanced ESL. You may have already entered the field and recognize gaps in your professional readiness for this market. Or, your last professional development course in this area was long ago! The LDS Level Series will meet your objectives. The key to your success is finding the right train-the-trainer education. No one does that better than LDS & Associates. Check out our Trainer Needs Assessment to find the right course options for you! Our Primary Mission: Delivering the highest caliber professional training available Since 1988, delivering quality train-the-trainer programs for accent has been our primary mission. To date, we remain a leader in the field of accent trainer education for several key reasons: • Comprehensive, continually reviewed programs – See what your colleagues say! • Stellar seminar leadership – Who is your instructor? • Cutting edge delivery applications with Citrix GoToMeeting (see next page for details) How To Use This Catalog Share Download/Save Document View Full Screen Table of Contents Toggle On/O Zoom Sound On/O Print *Understanding a Single User License This is a Single User License only . The original buyer receives a license number and a link to register the product. When the product license is registered, the buyer receives a password and a link to access all files in a 14-day window. The buyer has rights to download the product files on up to 3 (three) personal devices and may reproduce product elements, as specified. Site licenses are an option; more details available on our website.