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While LDS has some excellent materials for helping individuals tackle their English speech skills on a self-study basis, we recognize that trainers often make a critical difference in the learning process. With the right trainers, your efforts can quickly zero in on the keys to clearer English communication -- and you can usually accomplish your goals far more efficiently!

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At this Geographic Locator link, you can identify our Preferred Trainers in your state or country. Click your location to open a list of trainers who have comprehensive training to assist ESL adults improve the caliber of their communication in English. Review their profiles. Contact any of the these trainers via email links. All are committed to respond to your inquiries within 48 hours.

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Please note the randomly appearing logos on the trainers list: these represent our Featured Trainers. Featured Trainers appear on location lists with an orange checkmark. Click these for greater detail on these trainers.

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