A continuing commitment to accented speakers of
American English... and the professionals who serve them.

Level 2 is definitely for trainers ready to go beyond the basics! Some hands-on video practicum is included. Participants create some lessons plans and have a marketing activity to prepare outside the webs. 

Five Web Titles...

A. Spotlight on a Language Family

B. Digging into Intonation: A Look at the Principles Involved 

C. Principles of Adult Learning

D. P.O.E.C. Screening v. Full Assessment & Downloadable options for training materials

E. Facilitative Selling


Three Content Themes!

Level 2 video testing online.jpg

■ accent assessment

Level 2-A broadens your assessment skills by viewing testing within the confines of a specific language group.  Level 2-D covers accent placement and screening options to complement full accent testing choices.

small group learning.jpg■ instructional content and basic formats

Two webinars deal with unique and challenging aspects of training for this population. Level 2-B is an advanced look at intonation issues – the critical component of polished communication in any language. Again, this is definitely is a ‘beyond the basics’ exploration that more experienced trainers will welcome. We look at the trainer’s ‘bag of tricks’ for improving intonation in various format applications as well as unique, linguistically-based prosody variations. Level 2-C looks at the trainer’s competencies for working with adults: how learning is different with adults -- and how to make the most of adult learning behaviors.


■ marketing

Level 2-E webinar addresses a specific approach to the selling process – as a partner in your prospect’s problem-solving. This is an extremely interactive discussion with frequent opportunities to reflect on your current marketing applications.





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