Tustin, CA, January 2014

LDS & Associates, LLC, and Talaria, Inc., announces that Phase 2 of “American English Rx” has launched.

This online course addresses the communication needs of our foreign born medical professionals (nurses/nursing students, residents, physicians, etc.). During this final phase of the project development, users will be able to improve their oral communication skills for American English as well as address some practical interactive skills vital for healthcare: intonation, vowels, consonants, and roleplay speech exercises. The 2-month access to the program is free and participants who actively participate will receive a gift card honorarium (Amazon) in appreciation for their time.

For an overview of the program, please view the 3-minute video below:

Registrations will close shortly. Signups and more detailed info is available at: http://aerx.talariainc.com

About LDS Associates, LLC
Based in Orange County, California, LDS & Associates specializes in the design and implementation of communication programs for foreign born professionals. Lorna D. Sikorski, M.A., is the Founder and President. In addition to running LDS & Associates publishing, Ms. Sikorski directs the Online Learning Center (OTC) for professional continuing education programming. She also designing training solutions for accented adults in the U.S and select international settings for both live and distance learning options..

About Talaria, Inc.
Based in Seattle, Washington, Talaria, Inc. develops online healthcare education courses for providers and patients. Talaria has received over 15 NIH SBIR grant awards since its inception. Eileen VanSchaik, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist at Talaria.