Critiquing Written Language Issues

Duration: 1 hour live online.

Fee: $99.00  Please note that Preferred Trainer Discounts apply to this event.

This is one of several program address advanced ESL issues, especially for Writing! For the Written Communication Training theme, please also check out Designing Email Effectiveness Communication Programs.

When trainers decide to intervene for written communication, ongoing assessments become learning documents – if these critiques are frequent, systematic, consistent and goal-oriented. This webinar tackles the ESL professional’s ‘second’ face: how well he/she ‘looks’ in print! Email is a significant communication venue in the workplace. We can teach strategies, but, ultimately, ESL adults learn best by visual review of the wrong way – and the correct way: using ongoing examples of very practical workplace products: their own emails! Learn how to structure the review process and adapt writing review for email communication. Expand your review skills by analyzing actual client emails.

Who May Attend


  • If not a Preferred Trainer with LDS, Trainers with prior accent training experience.
  • Preferred Trainers who want to add ESL writing instruction to their accent training programs
  • Preferred trainers already working in the accent field who want information about this specialized area
  • Those currently using or who recently purchased CWE MarkUP and/or the TEPL.  (While no products are required for this course, owners of the above products will find the visuals of the actual client documents quite useful!)

Attendance at this webinar counts one of six new programs in LDS Level III! Your PT Discounts apply to this course!

Learning Objectives

  • Determining when to intervene for written communication
  • Establishing a consistent, visual review pattern that fosters adult learning
  • Understand how to rank order priorities for grammar and usage in ESL workplace emails
  • Determining what writing issues to prioritize: style v. grammar/usage

What you Get

As with all our online programs, this webinar remains lively by including easy-to-follow lecture, via PowerPoint, punctuated by live and written Q&A, as well as audience polling. Reminder email for each event includes a link for downloading all receivables for both note-taking during and event and reference sources for the future!

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