Dale Klein

We never know when events may spark the early beginnings of our future career path. For Dale Klein, it may harken back to her high school days when the vice principal asked her to make the morning announcements over the public address system (to the entire student body). That quickly led to her involvement as anchor person in her high school’s weekly, 30-minute news show (Journal). With this inspiration, Dale went on to pursue a Master’s degree (in Communicative Disorders) to prepare her for the rigorous profession of Speech & Language Pathology. After a decade of working clinically with a wide range of patients, Dale took a different career path; for the next 10 years she shifted her focus to health care administration. This involved overseeing rehabilitation/outpatient therapy departments as well as managing an Internal Medicine Practice.

In 1994, Dale created Profitable Speech, in which she capitalized on her prior expertise, by applying it to the business world. Today Dale dedicates herself to helping others strengthen their communication skills on the job. She is a sought-after speaker/trainer and also coaches clients privately to assist them with interviewing, networking, conducting meetings and delivering presentations. Having a global clientele across a broad range of industries, Dale’s priority is ensuring that her clients sound their best by having what she refers to as the “stand out factor.” Often that begins with their 30-second commercial.

LDS is proud to distribute her latest Book “In 30 Seconds’ in our Online Store. Check our “Meet the Author” recorded interview. In 2015, Dale’s work naturally evolved into one of our popular Unique Webinars “Speak Like You Mean Business.”

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