Dr. Catherine Ojakangas

Business Description:

I help international professionals improve their English communication for the global marketplace.

• I am hired by companies (and./or individuals) to coach their talented professionals in how to speak English clearly, intelligibly, and with increased confidence.

• Often this involves accent modification, but speaking confidence, business phraseology, optimal voice techniques, and pubic speaking abilities can also be targeted.

• I use my decades of experience in Neuroscience and Speech Pathology to create the most effective accent coaching methods possible.

• By combining the latest brain research with proven speech pathology techniques, I help professionals create new speech habits with maximum speed and accuracy.

I am Dr. Catherine Ojakangas, a neuroscientist and speech pathologist with over 25 years of experience. I have worked with professionals from dozens of countries around the world from dozens of companies to improve their American English pronunciation and intonation.

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Woodland, California (CA), USA

Time Zone:

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Services Offered:

• Individual Programs
• Group Programs
• Web-Based Services
• Presentation Skills
• Basic ESL
• Advanced Language Skills Training
• Improving English Written Language & Grammar

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