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By enrolling in Accent Reduction Now lessons, your speech will be thoroughly analyzed through an online evaluation to determine the specific sounds that could be improved upon. You will be taught to recognize the differences in the manner in which you are pronouncing English compared with the Standard American pronunciation. You will be trained to learn how to produce specific targeted sounds at the word level in beginning, middle, and end of words, in sentences, in reading and in conversational speech. The primary focus will be on pronunciation, however, any grammatical issues that are in need of correcting will also be addressed. If desired, clients are encouraged to work on areas such as future speeches and presentations they would like to practice, and scripts for actors that they would like to rehearse. All lessons are private and last for 60 minutes. You will be working with me, Derra Huxley, a licensed speech pathologist specializing in Accent Reduction for over 20 years and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it !

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Sherman Oaks, California (CA), USA

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Pacific Standard Time (PST)

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• Individual Programs
• Group Programs
• Web-Based Services
• Dialect Coaching for actors; Accent Reduction for Actors and script run-throughs

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