Marcia Hoodwin, M.A.

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ACCENTS AWAY promotes effective communication skills, while maintaining your individuality, in today’s culturally diverse work environment. The classes are available in individual or small group settings and are held onsite or online for your convenience. The programs include a comprehensive training manual with corresponding audio files. Individualized pre/post testing is conducted to document progress. The courses are usually thirteen weeks long, but can also be conducted as an intensive weekend course, with telephone follow-up. The focus of the programs are to increase a person’s intelligibility, not to totally eliminate an accent.

Benefits, reported by people who have taken these programs, include clearer and more effective communication skills and an increased ability to be successful. Participants also report an improvement in self-confidence. Increased effective communication skills reduce misunderstandings and increase the job tasks that an employee can perform, therefore, improving productivity.

Marcia Hoodwin, the trainer, holds a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and has received specialized training in accent modification. She has been a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist since 1983. She is also a member of the American-Speech-Language-Hearing-Association.

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Sarasota, Florida (FL), USA

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Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Services Offered:

• Individual Programs
• Group Programs
• Web-Based Services
• Face-to-Face Services
• Presentation Skills
• Basic ESL
• Advanced Language Skills Training
• On-Site Corporate Services

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