Getting a Fix on Vocabulary

Getting a Fix on Vocabulary #3913, 3914, and Bulk order options under title


Foreword to the Teacher v How to use the book vi Introduction 1 Lesson 1 Inflections 3 The news: Terrorist Conspiracy Uncovered Lesson 2 Compounds 5 The news: Airliner, Military Aircraft Collide Lesson 3 Some Common Bases 8 The news: Nature Society Successful: Wilderness Saved Lesson 4 The -er Noun Suffix 13 The news: Negotiator Meets with Kidnappers Lesson 5 Other “Doer” Suffixes: -ist, -ian, -ant/ent and “Place” Suffixes: -ary/-ery/-ory/-ry 17 The news: Awards for Artists and Scientists Lesson 6 Negative Prefixes: un-, in-, non- 21 The news: Nonresident Policy Questioned Lesson 7 Negative Prefixes: anti-, a-, dis-, mal-, mis- 23 The news: Candidates Disagree Lesson 8 Quantity Prefixes: uni-, mono-, bi-, tri-, pan-, multi-, semi-, poly-, equi- 26 The news: Pan-Equatorian Organization Meets Lesson 9 Verb Prefixes and Suffixes: en-, -en, be-, -ify, -ize, -ate 30 The news: Courtroom Drama Intensifies Lesson 10 Noun Suffixes: -ance/-ence, -ity, -hood, -ship, -ness 33 The news: Leader of Independence Movement Dies Lesson 11 Noun Suffixes: -ion, -ment, -ism, -age, -dom 37 The news: Assassination Investigation Lesson 12 Adjective Suffixes: -able, -less, -al, -en 41 The news: First Annual World Series Lesson 13 Adjective Suffixes: -ful, -y, -ous, -ary 44 The news: Disastrous Earthquake in Kosharam Lesson 14 Adjective Suffixes: -ish, -ic, -ive 47 The news: Dramatic Rescue at Island Park Lesson 15 Adverb Suffixes: -ly, -ward, -wise 51 The news: Climate Change Definitely Here to Stay? Lesson 16 Position Prefixes: pre-, post-, inter-, intro-/intra-, extro-/extra- 55 The news: FTBU Protests ICPC’s Intracoastal Beach Conference Lesson 17 Relationship Prefixes: super-, sur-, sub-, para-, epi-, hyper-, hypo- 59 The news: Subcommittee Reports on Subversive Activity Lesson 18 Movement Prefixes: ex-, in-/im-, ad-, ab-, trans-, pro 63 The news: Exports Exceed Imports Lesson 19 Movement Prefixes: de-, re-, se- 67 The news: Students Demand Chancellor’s Resignation Lesson 20 “With”and “Against”Prefixes: syn-, co-, contra- 71 The news: Union Sympathizers Walk off the Job Lesson 21 Greek Bases and Affixes 75 The news: World Health Officials Warn: Pandemic Inevitable Lesson 22 Review of Bases, Affixes, and Compounds 79 The news: Editorial: Poverty, Terror, and Climate Change Answers 81 Glossary of Bases 88 WPLA Radio News Scripts 91 Key words in the News Scripts 113


The text can also be used mostly as an in-class activity. In this situation, a typical pattern of work might be: Introduce the featured affixes. Go through the explanations, adding elaborations of your own. Have the learners work individually or in pairs on the exercises, without looking at the answer key. Go over the learners’ answers, clarifying and explaining where necessary. Read through the news story, or assign it for homework. The optional CD can be used in a variety of ways.
  1. You can initiate the lesson by playing the CD and writing some of the featured morphemes on the board. Then ask the learners to induce the form and meaning of the featured morpheme.
  2. Play the CD just before assigning the “newspaper”reading. Or play it just after. The purpose is to hear the news and the morphemes in a different discourse context.
  3. A list of the key words in each “newscast”begins on page 113, after the newscast scripts at the back of the book. You can have the students use this list in two ways.
You can have them listen to the CD while looking at the key word list. Then have them read and/or read and listen to the script, highlighting the key words. When they are finished, they can go back to the list to check their work. Or you can play the CD while the students are looking at the script; have them highlight the featured words as they listen. To do this, the students need to focus on the morphemes used in the lesson (option 1) or to do the exercises before listening (option 2). Then have them check their work by looking at the key word list.