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In addition to her own materials, Ms. Sikorski actively searches for new products and authors to augment the LDS product line.

Lorna Sikorski

Lorna Sikorski, M.A., CCC-SP has been authoring and publishing materials since 1983. Since founding LDS & Associates in 1987, Lorna has continually refined her communication programs for adult ESL professionals, taking advantage of new product development technologies such as electronic editions and online learning tools. Her assessment and instructional materials are not only sought out by corporate trainers but are used as teaching materials in university speech clinics throughout the country. “I’m constantly looking at what we have, wondering how to improve the look and feel of these materials. Jumping into a new writing project is something I thoroughly enjoy. It’s definitely one of my passions.” Going forward, we are embracing the latest technology to take advantage of what multimedia can do to engage the adult learner.

Here are the Sikorski-authored/coauthored products – worldwide best sellers and the backbone of the LDS catalog:

From the ASHA Leader Online, June 08, 2010 Issue: Letters, “Readers Respond” section…
Accent Modification Resource
I agree with Patricia Cecil-Reed that accent modification truly is “the number-one best-kept secret” for speech-language pathologists, as mentioned in Judy Kuster’s “Internet” column in the April 27 issue. I am embarking on a second career in this field and I have found it to be very challenging and rewarding. However, the article did not mention the excellent evaluation instrument by Lorna Sikorski, Proficiency in Oral English Communication (POEC). My clients expect a detailed analysis of their speech and a specific plan of instruction. This evaluation delivers the information needed to get started.

Vicki Hopgood
Rolla, Mo.

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