LDS OTC Professional Education Global Overview

I have been involved in two other accent coach training programs. Each was good; but, I NEVER learned how to price my services. NEVER! This session was a huge game-changer for me. THANK YOU!.

Charles T.

New Jersey

The Global Overview of the LDS Trainer Center

Professional Education

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Level 1: The first tier: 3 content themes, 7 titles & 6 sessions.   Register for early Jan ’24 now!   

Level 2: The ‘beyond’ basics 5-web series for our Level 2 and/or more experienced consultants.

Level 3: Special interest themes for experienced Level 2 Preferred Trainers.

Level 4: Contact us if you’re interested in Accent Testing Certification!

Unique Webinar Series: Interesting themes for those working in accent, ESL, or something different for traditional speech professionals!