LDS and Talaria, Inc. web-based learning tool received another grant award

Tustin, CA, March 2008

In 2007, LDS & Associates, LLC, Tustin, CA partnered with Talaria, Inc., Seattle, WA to begin Phase I of an NIH grant project entitled “Intercultural Communication Workshop”. The (now-titled) “IC Workshop” is a multimedia, internet-based educational tool to improve the oral American English skills of foreign-born nursing professionals. Dr. Eileen Van Schaik of Talaria, Inc. recently received word that NIH has now awarded the IC Workshop a marketing research companion grant: Technology Niche Analysis (TNA™) from Foresight Science and Technology Inc.,

“This selection by NIH really validates our Phase I educational tool. NIH reviewed only those (completed) Phase I projects which applied and they made their awards based on project merit,” said Lorna Sikorski of LDS & Associates.

“It’s part of their effort to see more SBIR projects succeed in the global market. It will give our Phase II grant a big boost and it should provide strong mentoring to prepare for commercialization of the IC Workshop,” said Dr. Eileen Van Schaik.

The IC Workshop team is eagerly anticipating launching a trial program with Nurses, LVNs and CNAs for whom English is a second language. These professionals will have the opportunity to field test the tool, using online practice activities to improve oral American English with healthcare applications.

About LDS Associates
Based in Orange County, California, LDS & Associates specializes in the design and implementation of communication programs for foreign born professionals. Lorna D. Sikorski, M.A., CCC-SP, President of LDS, has emphasized adult second language learners for the past twenty years. In addition to running LDS & Associates Publishing, Ms. Sikorski has conducted professional training seminars on accent throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1984. She is also an active trainer for accented adults in the U.S. and in select international settings.

About Talaria, Inc.
Based in Seattle, Washington, Talaria, Inc. develops online healthcare education courses for providers and patients. Talaria has received over 15 NIH SBIR grant awards since its inception.