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The Best Formal Learning Solutions

For 20+ years, LDS has been a well-known leader in the design and content of speech improvement programs for adult English, second-language speakers.

Join us in our Online Learner Center!

We’ve been ahead of the curve in offering distance learning programs for more than 8 years!  Currently, online learning is not only an option – it is essentially the primary learning venue!   We may be moving out of the shadow of the pandemic, but everyone has found that online learning in the right hands is very effective.   When we moved our training programs online, we customized  them for active, engaging training.  We take advantage of all the unique elements of video, audio and interactive materials.  In short, we know how to do it well!

The Most Effective Products for Working Solo

If you prefer to tackle speech improvement on your own, LDS will guide your selection of self-study materials. Whether your goal is to improve your North American English accent or to bring an adult ‘polish’ and sophisticated speech patterns to your language skills, we can refine the search.

Let LDS be your first choice in determining how best to begin your accent improvement program.

Contact us for a courtesy brainstorming session and what will work best for you!.   We’ll meet you in our Online Learner Center (OLC) for ESL adults for a quick video chat. Once we hear what your goals are, we can suggest options for you to consider.  

When you’re ready to prioritize your learning efforts for improving your speaking skills, contact LDS & Associates.

Find Your Ideal Coach in our Trainer Directory

Of course, we’d love you to consider us for your instruction programs, especially since we engage clients worldwide with our online options.  However, you may be looking forward to face-to-face training again.  Or, maybe you simply want someone familiar with your geo-location.   Why not check our global directory of trusted trainers we feel confident to refer you to!  All of our  Preferred Trainers have unique strengths, backgrounds and geo-/time preferences.  All have the right skills to immediately zero in on what learning strategies might work for you – and whether they can meet those goals! 

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.