Learners Products

Our Materials were created specifically for adults

What exactly do we mean?

  • LDS suggests that our products are best used by intermediate+ second language learners of English.
  • The look and feel of our products is designed for adults – not for children who may be more motivated by busier graphics and/or a game approach to learning.
  • The language and idiomatic speech fits the more sophisticated, complex ‘feel’ of adult communication. This is your best assurance that these materials will challenge users to build their best communication skills for adult, working/living-in-the-mainstream English environments.

Tools for Improving Accent

Peek inside  the best-selling M.E.E.C.Series – Workbooks and audio content for foreign and regional accents.  Choose your learning preference:  print or e-editions, downloadable audio, etc.

Tools for Building Language Skills

Consumable’ workbook series, such as the M.I.A.E. Series for adult idiom use, functional vocabulary building (Getting A Fix on Vocabulary), reference volumes, etc., in print media and e-editions!




A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.