Level 1 Playback Series Session Four

Level 1 playback session 4

Here is everything you need to actively participate in Session Four!

Session Four Playback Access:

Part 1:  https://youtu.be/Y9_NW5Gdl9c

Part 2:  https://youtu.be/Fbp59VCtH-w

Level 1 Session Four Topics, Handouts & Guidelines

Session Four Topics

Now that we have started, we will simply be adding note-taking slides, if needed.   Look below to get ready for  Session Four!

Video Review Q&A:

       We continue to entertain any questions about scoring Vowels, Consonants and Intonation testing samples.

Our Primary Focus:

       Instruction and Format Design Options:   Module VI: “Format Options for Accent Instruction & Pricing Your Training”


You already have all the handouts you need for this theme! Lorna directed you to get a jump on this during the last web!

Please go back to Session Three  landing page, ‘After the Event’ (quick link in bar!) and confirm you have all the Module VI handouts printed.



Want Lorna to review your homework for Modules VI talked about in Session Four?  

In this recording, Lorna suggested that you try to do a cost analysis of  an Individual Training. Use your new template and rename it something different to email her with it.  You will want to preserve the original file as a permanent template on your computer. Please send that document to her within the next 7 days to get some preliminary feedback that you are on the right track. Or, at least let her know tentatively when it is coming! Contact her if more time is needed.

For Review:  An interesting news ezine link you may want to read that deals with pricing your services issues: relevant to Modules VI and VII! https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/01/how-to-price-ecommerce-products.html

Your Web Evaluations

Our evaluation surveys online are quick! Please open link for separate evals; titles are below to choose when asked:    Responding to all relevant questions would be great, but only the * are MANDATORY to complete.


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