OTC Seat Reservation for Level 1 Series

Welcome to the next round of LDS Level 1 Series!

We are pleased that you want to participate in our OTC (Online Trainer Center) web series:  Level 1,  Level 1 Series: The Basic ABCs of Accent Consulting

You’re here on this registration page after expressing interest in registering for our next set of dates.  This may be your first step – or your last.  Either you:

  1. paid for the series already in our Online Store and just need to complete this form to hold your spot in web room  OR   

  2. want your seat confirmed before you pay in our store 

    Either way, please complete the reservation.We’ll chat with you soon.  Questions?  Contact Lorna Sikorski specifically: LornaSikorski@LDSAssoc.com   or by phone/ or text  714 838 6002.

    • This will be the name of the person to Contact.
    • This email will be used for direct contact with LDS.
    • You may include page links here if necessary.

    • If you offer other services please list them below.
    • This gives us an idea of the professional expertise of your group (though none is actually required). Please check all that apply.
    • All seven sessions are given at the specific times noted for the current series. We strongly hope you can attend in person. However, many must/choose to take the course and opt for this limited recording option: ONLY those who miss a session/sessions have access to the recorded playback. We post those as quickly after the session as possible!
    • We'd simply like to know for planning purposes. Please know that Lorna actively wants questions from ALL attendees and will be looking for Q&A from the playback viewers as well.


    A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.