Level 1 Series Session Four

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Level 1 Session Four Topics, Handouts & Guidelines

Meeting Room:  

@10 min prior, go to https://www.gotomeet.me/lornasikorski/new-meeting-5    Bookmark this, and get there on time with minimal stress.

Session Four Topics

All About Instruction!

We continue/wrap up our discussion on the basic abcs for content in accent consulting.  We begin to consider this content in our Module VI on Instruction Format Design.

Video Review Q&A

         Another call  for Video questions!  Email/voicemail or text your questions for Lorna Sikorski about scoring Vowels, Consonants and Intonation testing samples.  She’ll address those in this session .


You already have the Instruction Module V handouts, shown on Session Three’s page.

Handouts :

Module V. “Instruction Content” First, we will wrap up our learning on Instruction Content via the Level 1-V Handouts (2020)  which you printed for Session Three.


Level 1 Session 4 – How Much Can I Fit Handouts (Fall 2020)

Level 1-VI Training Costs Activity Template (2020)   This is a permanent template for long term use!


Another Sample for you:  Here is a visual sample of a recent Pre Test Summary Lorna showed in Session Four, promising to include it in your handouts!

Sample M PreT


For Review:  An interesting news ezine link you may want to read that deals with pricing your services issues: relevant to Modules VI and VII! https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/01/how-to-price-ecommerce-products.html


Your Web Evaluations

Our evaluation surveys online are quick! Please open link for separate evals; titles are below to choose when asked:    Responding to all relevant questions would be great, but only the * are MANDATORY to complete.


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