Level 1 Series: The Basic ABCs of Accent Consulting

FEE:  525.00


Already have the 6th Edition P.O.E.C.?  Contact us directly for direct invoicing to save $75.00 on your course Fee.

2021’s Basic Trainer Education Series for Accent Consulting  

7 sessions, 13.5 live learning hours plus **6+ hours of guided outside activities:

7 module titles covered…

  1. Introduction to the Process & Vowel Testing
  2. Intonation Testing and Analysis Basics
  3. Consonant Testing and Other Assessment Issues
  4. Vowel, Intonation, and Consonant Scoring Review
  5. Instruction: Basic Building Blocks
  6. Program Design Options: How Much Can I Fit Into This Format?
  7. Marketing ABCs for Accent: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Dates Vary for each Series! 


NOTE intentionally variable  dates/times: Live webs 1:00-3:00 pm PST: Sept:   2,7,9,14,16; Oct: 14, plus 1-2:30 pm PST on Oct. 21. Fee $525.00 includes the P.O.E.C. assessment & M.E.E.C Complete e-Series.

…3 Content Themes explored!

■ accent assessment

**An estimated 3+ hours of video scoring practicum for you!

Level 1 is your chance to solidify/review your accent assessment efforts via the best-selling P.O.E.C. Accent Assessment Battery, the LDS accent testing protocol. Testing issues are covered in Web Titles I-IV above. Participants do the practice scoring with real, videotaped full assessments using our complete P.O.E.C. battery, via our online portal open 24/7 to attendees. Attendees can review and refine their practice skills at their own pace, minus any group pressure to ‘hurry up and get it!‘.

■ instructional content and basic formats

**An estimated 1.5 hour homework assignment, with the option for instructor review

Regardless of the training format you choose, there are essential teaching issues for improving American English accents that should be the building blocks of an effective program. NEW:  Given the seismic changes in how we all did business in 2020, we significantly revamped  our instruction module.  We want you to be ready to compete!  You then must identify the best teaching format for your goals, addressing these issues with economy of cost and time in mind, and be ever mindful of the workplace needs and learning habits of the adult! These are addressed in two webinars in Level 1: an in-depth review of what to cover and a separate web addressing format choices and reasonable expectations in each option.

■ marketing

NEW:  2020 saw a significant shift in how everyone engages at work!  We’ve significantly revamped our marketing module to help you be ‘agile’ as we continue in 2021!  Broadening your knowledge base for accented speech brings depth to your training. It doesn’t, however, automatically result in: 1) customers who are content with their progress or 2) getting paid what you’re worth! That requires knowing how to match testing results with participant needs and expectations… and knowing how to price it right! The marketing webinar includes a newly revised brainstorming activity: you continue to customize it on your own time and returned for instructor input, if desired.


Besides  our robust handouts for every session:

Your own [full edition] ‘trainer set’ of our materials to assess and teach NAE adults:

  • P.O.E.C. Assessment Battery for Accent (downloadable manual, test plate slide show, NEW interactive automated score booklet, etc., plus, print test plates, 20  print score booklets) 6th Edition (Retails $205.00)
  • M.E.E.C. Complete Audio Series, E-Edition (3 downloadable e-workbooks and 13 audio files)  7th Edition** (Retails $189.00)

**We’ve made a few small but important improvements that both trainers & learners will enjoy!


Now, participants have one more ‘perk’ for getting the P.O.E.C. during the course. You have access to Lorna Sikorski’s recorded web series entitled: “P.O.E.C.’s Talking Manual”. Certainly, you still need the manual.  However, it’s great to hear the author give you a broad-strokes overview of the assessment and her personal tips and strategies for using the test (and, reading the manual effectively) that can only be accomplished by informally chatting about it!

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.