M.I.A.E. – The Mastering Idioms of American English Product Line

A multi-pronged resource for adult, intermediate+ language learners that blends written and oral practice opportunities.

Volume 1 – The Front Vowels &

Volume 2 – /r/-Colored Vowels

Great for in class and homework applications:

  • Improves mastery of the highest levels of adult, idiomatic speech
  • Expands and differentiates business and social expression
  • Provides challenging audio practice that will encourage a more natural, colloquial North American English
  • Defines idioms with both business and social usage examples
  • Works seamlessly with our Mastering Effective English Series’:
  • Utilizes the IPA and the Sound Features concepts of the M.E.E.C., The Vowel System of American English (5310-D)
  • Utilizes the Key Codes and philosophy of the M.E.E.C., The Intonation Patterns of American English (5312-D)


  • BONUS list of additional expressions to challenge learners in each unit
  • 100+ pages of activities and descriptive information
  • Unit expressions are organized by grammar function and keyed with icons
  • Units have a blend of fill-in (via the adobe interactive boxes) written activities and oral practice opportunities – great for in class and homework applications
#4605-D M.I.A.E. Vol 2

Immediate feedback from a user of the latest editions! 

I listened to Audio 1, track 1 to track 7, which was very interesting.  I think the e-book is very good because the learners can learn not only pronunciation/linking but also idioms, which are also important.  To write my own sentences also helps to get used to the expressions.

Yoko K., Boston, MA

#4606 Teacher Toolbox

M.I.A.E. Teacher Toolbox

  • This Trainer Set  contains your personal E-Editions of Volumes 1  and 2  PLUS  files of reproducible handouts in pdf form for each of the two volumes in the M.I.A.E. Series:
  • Lists of expressions that compiles all the expressions used in the volumes!  Great e-handouts for learners and instructors
  • Discussion questions. Conversation starters and role play questions on the idioms in the volumes.   These provide great, online/in-class oral group activities.  It will be so much easier to extend the learners’ solo written exercises and solo audio practice in very meaningful ways.
  • Pre and Post Testing options.  Score forms that form a complete multiple-choice exam reviewing the contents of the volume.  Start your programs with the pre-test and have objective evidence of progress on the post-testing.