M.E.E.C. Complete Audio Series

M.E.E.C. (Mastering Effective English Communication) Complete Audio Series

Includes #5310, #5311, #5312, with 13 downloadable audio files (13-CD option)

Nothing speeds your client’s goal achievement like frequent oral practice – and no other fills your absence between sessions as well as our audio programs.

We know what is important. The M.E.E.C.:

  • uses male and female speakers – You need both for the best role models.
  • records lecture/descriptive content – not just exercises.
  • reinforces key learning points frequently – with visual and aural reminders.
  • saves valuable contact time by allowing clients to preview new topics with solid information
  • lets clients repeat as often as needed until it “sinks” in!
  • provides user friendly icons for CD directions for easy searches.
  • suits the learning needs of adult professionals – with adult language, a polished look, and straightforward style.


Volume Indexes and bonus interactive pdfs.   Clients now have numerous options to personal the content you use in your sessions.

Checkpoints! Beep tones on the audio files/cds signal special messages: keeps listeners alert to the goals, provides usage hints, or suggests more challenging exercises.

SMART AUDIO use!! Many audio/cd programs aren’t really functional for the immediate feedback loop you want to have for practicing oral skills: there are few (more often no -) tracks that you can skip to – and they never tell you that! We made liberal use of tracks on every audio file: on average, you’re listening for only 3-5 minutes before you can replay the copy you really want. Feedback is far more immediate. Most exercises also have their own track!

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