M.E.E.C. Consonant Series Audio Download

Are you interested in getting the audio files for your Vowel Variations Of American English workbook?

If you are here at this special info offer page, you must have your workbook already from your bookstore! However, you are missing a valuable tool for individual practice: the audio practice files for the series!

We do not offer the CDs/Audio except as part of the Series #5310SS. Only Bookstores can purchase the books alone for larger classes. However, we’ve gotten so many requests via email from bookstore users for classes that we are formalizing how to purchase the downloadable audio for this group only!

Order #5310-SSA $40.00 As a download, no shipping charges or additional fees.

***PLEASE NOTE: Not available in our Online Store.

This is the 4-CD equivalent audio contained in the Vowel Variations of American English Audio Series (book + Audio product). Downloadable only during a 14-day window. Buyers receive a license number and register the product. This allows us to keep a record of your purchase and to assist you in the future if no longer have access to your individual device.

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General Info About our Audio Add-ons

To start investigating, open your Consonant workbook and find the ‘Getting Started’ unit: see the Audio Directions and some great Audio Usage notes.

We know what’s important. Your practice audio:

  • Uses male and female speakers – You need both for the best role models.
  • Records lecture/descriptive content – not just exercises.
  • Matches the user friendly icons for Audio file access directions for easy searches.
  • Builds in Checkpoints! Beep tones on the CDs signal special messages: keeps listeners alert to the goals, provides usage hints, or suggests more challenging exercises.

SMART Audio use!! Many audio programs aren’t really functional for the immediate feedback loop you want to have for practicing oral skills: there are few (more often no -) tracks that you can skip to – and they never tell you that! You have to listen to 30-35 minutes of continuous copy!

We made liberal use of tracks on your audio files: on average, you’re listening for only 3-5 minutes before you can replay the copy you really want. Feedback is far more immediate. Most exercises also have their own track!

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.