Opening of the Learner’s Online Learning Center

Tustin, CA, July 20, 2011

LDS & Associates, LLC, announces the opening of their Online Learning Center (OTC) to the ESL adult learner. “We have conducted online professional education programs for instructors since 2005,” said Lorna D. Sikorski, President. “For nearly six years, we’ve also conducted corporate instructional programs for accent improvement, written English, presentation skills, etc., for our US and international sites. Many have asked for open enrollment training programs: now, we’re ready to do it!”

LDS is known for their quality online programs using an iLinc portal. “We were very careful in choosing our provider, for we had high expectations for the level of polish and interaction we wanted with our participants. The latest round of improvements in our iLinc platform clearly exceeds those expectations, allowing all parties to save on the hidden costs of conducting and attending classes at specific sites,” continued Lorna.

LDS knows how to design programs for working adults. Their training targets critical skills for adult communication that go beyond the basics of American English. “Most adult learners have an intuitive sense of what they need to polish their English skills: we hope they will look to us to pinpoint those needs in our new, themed, online programs.”

Interested adults can find the newest courses in the LDS Online Store “ESL Learner Training Center” or contact us for further information.

About LDS Associates
Based in Orange County, California, LDS & Associates specializes in the design and implementation of communication programs for foreign born professionals. Lorna D. Sikorski, M.A., CCC-SP, President of LDS, has emphasized adult second language learners for the past twenty years. In addition to running LDS & Associates publishing, Ms. Sikorski has conducted professional training seminars on accent throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1984. She is also an active trainer for accented adults in the U.S. and in select international settings.