Onsite Instruction

We have a variety of onsite communication skill-building programs for adult ESL speakers. We prioritize pronunciation and intonation issues critical for improving accents for oral English, such as:

  1. Writing skills for business issues (reports, emails)
  2. Meeting leadership skills
  3. Strategies for conference call clarity and efficiency
  4. Presentation skills

What makes these programs unique – and successful – is that we zero in on the communication situations your job entails. We know that everything in your training program should prepare you for the day-to-day: we create customized vocabulary lists, and devise situational role plays for problem areas at work. We also help you determine the communication style needed for your particular work setting. Both the trainer and you can quickly pinpoint your missing speaking and language skills – for present needs and future goals.

The Training Coordinator, Lorna Sikorski, maintains close supervisory contact over all trainers delivering the company’s instruction. However, many of the individuals who contact us are outside our onsite training zone. Contact us to discuss a distance learning option via our ESL Learner OTC. We conduct live, real time training sessions over the web with a rich, dynamic range of teaching strategies available.

More about our Online Learning Options

COMING SOON!  Find A Trainer Worldwide

You may prefer face-to-face learning. For you, we have an extensive list of Preferred Trainers who have received their professional education as accent trainers via LDS.

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.