OTC Director

Online Trainer Center Director, Lorna Sikorski

The LDS Trainer education programs were researched and designed by Lorna D. Sikorski, M.A., CCC. As the founder of LDS & Associates, Ms. Sikorski has conducted onsite (Accent 101: The Basics of Accented Speech & Beyond the Basics of Accented Speech) on accent throughout the US and Canada since 1987. While still conducting onsite events by invitation, the LDS Accent Consulting training programs  (the Level Series’ & Unique Series) are now  given via our Online Trainer Center (OTC).  

Each new corporate milestone solidifies her solid standing as a consummate trainer:

  • 1995: she introduced an advanced level (the onsite training Beyond the Basics of Accented Speech) for accent trainer education. To date, no other training organization offers anything beyond the basic level.
  • 2003: LDS & Associates, LLC opened the LDS Online Trainer Center (OTC). This site offers trainer-the-trainer solutions worldwide, in addition to our strategic instruction programs for individuals and corporations stateside and abroad.
  • 2003: LDS augmented the basic and advanced online training courses with The Unique Webinar Series – for particular populations or related topics.  We seek and find great presenters for those events!
  • 2012: we delineated ourselves further as the leaders in comprehensive trainer education: LDS announced a third tier of advanced training for the seasoned professional. This online series includes advanced marketing and applications the experienced trainer needs to grow.
  • Fall, 2013: The OTC launched the Trainer Certification for Accent Testing: P.O.E.C. certification program many have been asking about.
  • 2015:  The OTC moved to the CitrixGoToMeeting platform.  Robust video presenter feeds, simplified participant access and multi-platform viewing keep our training at the leading edge of online learning technologies!

No matter what the venue is, Lorna wins uniformally high praise by attendees (and organizers!) — without exception. These wide-ranging experiences have helped Lorna perfect the dynamic teaching style that is so highly prized by her training attendees.

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.