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This is a Single User License only. The original buyer has rights to download the product files on up to 3 (three) personal devices and may reproduce product elements, as specified.

Not everyone has 3 devices! Perhaps not all files are important on every device! Also, it may not make sense to print everything, though that is an option. Downloading some files may be enough! Plan first:

  • which devices are most likely (and easily accessible) for assessment sessions
  • when you want to do your assessments
  • where (don’t forget online sessions!)

Some other questions to consider for what devices to choose for certain files:
Where do you what to look at your read/print only files, such as a manual? Where do you want to access the interactive score form .pdf files (if you intend to use those) to input data, print them after saving and/or transmit them?

No need to download on all devices at once, but you do have a time limit! With your password, you can return any time for 14 days. Return here each time and then simply click on the link to download on a new device.


If you’ve received our ezine announcing updated downloads, welcome! We look forward to your continued feedback. We’ve incorporated active P.O.E.C. user suggestions in the latest version upgrade for the interactive pdf score booklet and have created a new administration booklet for it! If anything new has been updated, it will be RED-flagged below. Save, download and replace your older elements, if the dates are relevant. Please note that new files are not always major updates. They may be technical improvements facilitated by adobe pdf improvements, etc. It’s always good to have the most current version available.

Thank you for choosing our P.O.E.C. assessment tool for accent!

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This web page is your access point to download all the product files. See the block below for download access to files. These files as a group are not that large for a single .zip download: you may want to scroll down and save the zip files to your computer in one step!
As you know from the information in your invoice, you have a dedicated password to access this area for 14 days: retain that information.

P.O.E.C. Proficiency in Oral English Communication [3601] – Product Content

This is a blended product: some print and some download elements. The downloadable elements are shown below.

Before you start downloading, decide what documents you need on each of the 3 possible devices allowed with your license number! See some download suggestions at the left.
Typically, after downloading, you can right click and “Save Target As” to navigate to a specific destination for your product. Look closely at the titles and see where they are going! Your system, however, may have a different process for saving downloads; defer to that.

Here’s a list of all files. Review the list first to know what you’re getting – and what you want on each of your 3 possible devices when you’re done.

P.O.E.C. Manual – Read Me (.pdf) – Always a good idea to review first!
P.O.E.C. Manual (.pdf) – Contains all background information and overview of administration and scoring explanations. For additional details, here are separate appendices that you will find at the end of the Manual pdf.
P.O.E.C. Manual – Appendix 1 (.pdf)
P.O.E.C. Manual – Appendix 2 (.pdf)
P.O.E.C. Manual – Appendix 3 (.pdf)
P.O.E.C. Manual – Appendix 4 (.pdf)
P.O.E.C. Manual – Appendix 5 (.pdf)
P.O.E.C. Manual – Appendix 6 (.pdf)
P.O.E.C. Test Plate Slideshow (.pdf) – Contains all necessary slideshow slides to administer all client visuals.
P.O.E.C. Interactive Score Booklet (.pdf) – Contains an Acrobat Form fill-in Score Booklet alternative to the print Score Booklets included in this product.

P.O.E.C. Score Booklet, Pullout Section for Interactive Users (.pdf) – Contains an Acrobat printable file of pullout Subtest IV delivery and analysis Score Booklet pages; necessary for initial data collection & initial analysis tally counting, per your P.O.E.C. Admin Booklet, Interactive Score Booklet (below).
P.O.E.C. Admin Booklet, Interactive (.pdf) – Contains directions specific to use of the PDF Interactive Score Booklet.
P.O.E.C. Test Plate Slideshow (.ppsx) – Contains the Test Plate Slideshow in PowerPoint’s slideshow format.
P.O.E.C. Customized Talking Points (.pptx) – Create your own PowerPoint Customized Talking Points for the Monologue Speech Sample.

The files contained in this downloadable product may be formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF or PowerPoint.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have the most current version of programs used in this product. By not doing so, you may not be able to take advantage of the robust tools and visual dynamics we have programmed!

  • For best results with Adobe Reader for PDF files, be sure your computer has the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed. For information about Adobe Reader, visit www.adobe.com and click on the “Get Adobe Reader” button. (Adobe Reader and Reader updates are free downloads from Adobe.)
  • Two of the downloadable files are PowerPoint slideshows. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can install a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft. Visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13.

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