P.O.E.C.  (Proficiency in Oral English Communication), Screen  #3600-D


  • Print Administration: averages 20 minutes per person (less, if optional Verbal Performance Test sample is deferred). Add @10 minutes for wrap up tallies and review.
  • Interactive Administration: All scoring is automatically calculated during administration. All Examiner information automatically transfers to final Detail Summary, where you simply add optional verbal comments, if desired.
  • Digital/video recording not suggested or needed except for (Optional) Preliminary Speech Sample.

Fully downloadable Product

Unlimited use granted to original license holder!

Understanding a Single User License

This is a Single User License only. The original buyer has rights to download the product files on up to 3 (three) personal devices and may reproduce product elements, as specified.

Here is a screening version of this highly successful test that meets your needs:

  • Establishes a baseline on the range and source of accent problems: intonation and pronunciation — especially for vowels!
  • Provides a numerical score: establish your unique placement cutoff cut score for your programs
  • Functions as a screening tool to determine further testing/instruction needs
  • Works credibly with adults with 6th grade vocabulary or better and Low Intermediate ESL or better
  • Lower professional/technical skills required! Scoring is less technical, therefore requires less formal training. Excellent for paraprofessional administration or Graduate student use in academic settings.

We designed the P.O.E.C. Screen for the next generation of testing instruments – and for unlimited administrations for the original, single-user license! Each time, choose your options!


  • Self-reported Personal History: can have examinee fill in this portion as a time saver – without exposing critical test details.
  • 4 auditory discrimination sections
  • 3 verbal sections, plus an optional Speech Sample (the Verbal Performance Test) with rating scale points.
  • Two versions of the auditory section tests with separate Answer Keys
    – overhead-ready for delivery to a group – and self-scoring!
    – Flexibility to minimize ‘training the test’ with variable delivery options.
  • Distance Administration. We designed administration to work easily in an online learner format, for we use that ourselves!
  • Color-coded Score Form for streamlined scoring ease

Here is the recorded launch video: see some good detail visuals in this informal info session!

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.