Product Spotlight: P.O.E.C 7th Edition

Our Well-Received P.O.E.C. Accent Assessment Just Got Better!

Meet the Proficiency in Oral English Communication – P.O.E.C.

Do you have older editions?  While the examinee responses for subtests remains in large part unchanged, the examiner prompts, the layout and design of the delivery systems (paper and now digital!) and the scoring options (self-scoring and now significantly auto-calculated via a new interactive pdf score form!) are radically different!

Are you new to this consulting arena? We’re confident that wherever you fit on the continuum of training, this edition should be in your assessment bag for any client for whom you deliver detailed analysis of oral  NAE skills.

We recorded our web tour. See it. Lorna would love to address your questions.

PRICE:  $205.00  

Includes 20 score booklets, spiral bound test plates, interactive (reusable) pdf score booklet template, e-Manual, e-Administrative booklet for interactive score form, printable appendices, and misc. other files.

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.