[1070-Ds] M.E.E.C.: Complete E-Series

$ 180.00

Sacrifice none of the content or the polished look of our M.E.E.C. Complete Series (1070SS) if you opt for our M.E.E.C. Complete e-Edition Series.

Review the M.E.E.C. Complete content (1070SS). Choose the fully downloadable, three e-Book editions plus the 13 downloadable audio files and enjoy a few additional perks:

  • SAVE when purchasing all three M.E.E.C mini series: #5310-D, #5311-D, #5312-D (value $210.00 separately).
  • Download your edition on up to 3 devices – tablet, laptop, main computer, perhaps your personal cloud
  • Your best learning materials are always with you. If you have your typical devices, you’re never without!  You decide where you want any components in your product!
  • Move easily through lessons with truly “interactive” e-books in PDF.
  • Add vocabulary, change key words visually on your now personal edition!
  • Enjoy the bonus downloadable templates: maintain lists, track your self-evaluations and personal vocabulary, etc.
  • Get the portability everyone wants these days.
  • Use up-to-date, functionally interactive e-books: personalize content with keywords, self-evaluate and privately rate your performance … and keep changing it.
  • Freely highlight or use other annotation tools available in Adobe Reader.
  • Download e-books to up to 3 personal devices – and the audio files to your chosen music/podcast portal.

Check the tabs for further details on Single User License, Download directions, etc.


7th Edition, 2019.
ISBN 978-1-883574-29-01


Three e-edition workbooks in Adobe pdf format, in color, with dynamic with links throughout.

All you need to do is to make sure your Adobe Reader app is installed and currently updated on your chosen device(s) for the book content. Adobe e-Books work on both PC and Mac, when the Adobe Reader app is current. Also includes dynamic links in the e-Books to access bonus, interactive (modifiable!) downloadable learning aid files for your personal use.

The e-books and bonus .pdfs are accompanied by 13 downloadable audio files.  Everyone’s system for playing podcasts or music is different.  Some download the audio files to their cloud and then play on all devices.  Generally, most must download all files  on their primary computer first, then moving audio files to their ‘music program’.    While we provide some general best practices for downloading, we do not provide tech support for your particular computers, pads or phones for audio.

This is a single user license and purchase only.  If you are the Trainer/Instructor or Preferred Trainer at LDS & Associates, please set up your account on the opening page of our store at the appropriate box.


Sample the M.E.E.C. audio file quality! https://www.ldsassoc.com/meec-miae-audio-clips/

Download Process

PLEASE NOTE This product is completely downloadable.

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Please see other tabs for further information.  Feel free to call us directly for clarifications  (714) 838 6002.

License Regs

Trainers/Instructor looking to purchase products for themselves and/or for clients must create a unique account on the opening page of the store. 

This product is a  Single User License: whoever ultimately registers the license number (The User) is entitled to download and/all components on up to 3 personal devices.

When order is processed, LDS & Associates will email a paid invoice receipt with all details on how to access and register this product.

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