[4604-DSS] M.I.A.E. (Mastering Idioms of American English) E-Series: Volume 1

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A multi-pronged resource for adult, intermediate+ language learners that blends written and oral practice opportunities.

Our M.I.A.E. – Mastering Idioms of American English Volumes 1 and 2 are great ways to build more adult, verbal variety within the context of oral English strategies.

Volume 1 in this series focuses on Front Vowels (also check out the volume focusing on /r/-colored vowel expressions (4605-D).  Both volumes blend easily with  the pronunciation targets of the M.E.E.C. (1070-D) accent targets.  More importantly, these volumes build verbal sophistication and flexibility at the same time!  PLUS, we have a completely re-worked Teacher Toolbox (4606-D) that could be your personal editions of both volumes plus  so much more!

With 5 units, Volume 1 of the M.I.A.E.  E-Series contains just enough grammar/ usage issues – and audio practice opportunities – to give you focused and manageable self study practice for at least 9 weeks!

Use the audio practice and then generate written sentences [in your own’ voice’] to:

  • build mastery of the highest levels of adult, idiomatic speech
  • Expand and differentiates business and social expression
  • Provide challenging audio practice that will encourage a more natural, colloquial North American English

Volume 1 targets the Front Vowels:

  • 174+ expressions are divided into 5 units, organized by the 5 Front Vowels
  • BONUS list of additional expressions to challenge learners in each unit
  • 100+ pages of activities and descriptive information
  • Unit expressions are organized by grammar function and keyed with icons
  • Idioms are defined with both business and social usage examples
  • Units have a blend of fill-in (via the adobe interactive boxes)written activities and oral practice opportunities
  • Works seamlessly with our Mastering Effective English series:
  1. Utilizes the IPA and the Sound Features concepts of the M.E.E.C., The Vowel System of American English  
  2. Utilizes the Key Codes and philosophy of the M.E.E.C., The Intonation Patterns of American English 
  3. Highlights the key consonant linking and sound variation signals of the M.E.E.C., The Consonant Variations of American English
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For intermediate+ second language speakers.

Contains  an interactive e-book edition in Adobe Acrobat, accompanied by 2 downloadable audio files.  Some additional bonus/interactive .pdfs are included in the product download.   ***Be sure to read how our downloads are delivered in another tab!

The e-workbook is designed as a consumable product: contains multiple options to personalize the edition via adobe tools free in Reader.  There are fill in, matching exercises (with answer keys) and open answer fill-in activities that improve language mastery of the highest levels of idiomatic speech.

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There are 2 audio files that contain both the oral practice as well as some verbal practice suggestions, introductory concepts lecture and introductory remarks for each unit.

Sample the M.I.A.E. audio file quality! https://www.ldsassoc.com/meec-miae-audio-clips/


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