[1070SS] M.E.E.C.: Complete CD Series

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Use this series your primary means to improve your oral skills in North American English!

Smart, frequent oral practice with a good model is the only way to tackle your oral skills for North American English.  Peek inside and take a listen to the audio for all the M.E.E.C. products.

TWO WAYS TO ORDER: At the bottom of this product page, Find a dropdown menu to click
– the complete “Physical” version: 13 cds and 3 print workbooks OR
– “Downloadable FILES” version: 13 downloadable audio files and 3 print workbooks: Save some money for the product and reduce your shipping charges as well for 3 print books alone!

We think the M.E.E.C. program is your best choice to accomplish that! Focus on three themes critical to improving your oral skills:

  • The Intonation Patterns of American English – with 4 CDs or audio files
  • The Vowel System of American English – with 4 CDs or audio files
  • The Consonant System of American English – with 5 CDs or audio files

We know how to organize your learning:

  • Yes, there are 3 print workbooks that contain the audio content. However, the CDs/audio files don’t demand that you LOOK AT THE PRINT. In fact, it’s better if you don’t and simply rely on your ear for most of your practice. This frees you to practice with the audio anywhere, any time! In fact, that’s the primary way we suggest practicing.
  • Vocabulary Guides:   all three workbooks contain “Top 1200 and Top 2400 most commonly used words in North American English”: We’ve color-coded high frequency words in red in our existing activities – and added more extensive lists of relevant, high frequency vocabulary
  • Downloadable BONUS Templates: Download these simple fill in pdfs on all your devices: personalize lists, tips, etc., continually.
  • Volume Indexes. Use the indexes at the back of books to hunt down exactly what you’re looking for.

Smart Audio Use:

  • Uses male and female speakers – You need both for the best role models.
  • Records lecture/descriptive content – not just exercises.
  • Checkpoints! Beep tones in every audio file signal special messages to keep you focused.
  • Many tracks on every audio file: on average, you’re listening for only 3 to 5 minutes before you can replay the copy you really need to practice most!

SAVE when you purchase by choosing downloadable audio files instead of CDs!  Make that decision when you put this product in your cart!



8th Edition, 2024.

ISBN  1-978-883574-01-7

3 Print (120+ page) spiral bound, color printed Workbooks, with 13 audio cds in a cd album. Variation for audio downloads for cds described below.

Shipping charges apply for all hard copy shipments only.

BONUS: Buyers have visual links in books to input in browser and downloadable some personal templates: Download these simple fill in pdfs on all your devices: personalize lists, tips, etc., and update them continually.

OPTION: Downloadable Audio Option: Order this product in card with 13 audio files downloads (not cds) and save $10.00, for a $195.00 price !

Please review Download Process and License Regs tabs for complete details.


Sample the M.E.E.C. workbook content in these flipbooks!

Sample the M.E.E.C. audio file quality! https://www.ldsassoc.com/meec-miae-audio-clips/

Download Process

Are you opting for the 13 downloadable audio files? PLEASE NOTE: Downloadable audio will not appear immediately upon payment in your cart. Upon purchase, LDS generates separate license number(s) for the downloadable audio you ordered. We assign license number(s) to the name of the buyer/email holder. When we email your formal invoice marked ‘PAID’ you (the Buyer) there will be a second attachment showing how to register this product and obtain download links.
Please see .pdf download with this product purchase which elaborates on this further.

License Regs

This product is automatically considered for personal/buyer use and, thus, is considered a Single User License: Regardless of whether you are purchasing the audio via downloadable files or cds, AUDIO MAY NOT BE DUPLICATED IN ANY FORM. If you are taking the downloadable option for audio, whoever registers the license is entitled to download on up to 3 personal devices. Buyers receive a downloadable info pdf with all details. You will be registering your license # and then receive a link to download it.


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