[3603] M.E.E.C.: Consonant Variations of American English – Workbook Only Class Set of 10+

$ 35.99

Identify the consonant issues that really affect the bottom line – clarity in American English Speech.

Print editions of our best-selling M.E.E.C. workbooks are available in class sets (minimum order of 10). PLEASE NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS (e.g., Preferred Trainer) APPLY.

Use our great Learning Aids

  • “Top 1200 and Top 2400 most commonly used words in North American English”: We’ve color-coded high frequency words in red in our existing activities.
  • Extensive lists of relevant, high frequency vocabulary for that will greatly extend your instruction opportunities.
  • Print edition includes visible online links for five separate pdf downloads available to instructors and their students: download them to any device and continually personalize/update them at any time:
    • relevant, high frequency vocabulary lists
    • fill in self-evaluations for each chapter that can be updated continually,
    • cueing strategies, tables, etc.
  • Volume indexes – Clients now have one more aid to find the exact material you need. Instructors can quickly pinpoint exercises by length, sound combinations, key words, and more!
  • Full Color printing

Please recognize that no audio is included. If ordering for students/clients, we strongly encourage ordering 5311 to give them robust, outside-session audio practice content.

Bulk Ordering Pricing:
11 – 20: 10%
21+: 20%



6th Edition, 2014. 3rd Printing, 2017.

ISBN 978-1-883574-31-4

(120+ page) spiral bound, color-printed workbooks.

Must be ordered in quantities of 10+. Price show is the per unit for quantity of 10. Further discounts begin for 11 or more units. PLEASE NOTE: PREFERRED TRAINER DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY TO THESE ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES.

Our M.E.E.C. Programs Have Options

  • Scalable discounts appear in store on all M.E.E.C. products
  • Print workbook #3603 or Downloadable e-book option #3603-D
  • Order with audio for improved success: #5311 (print workbook + 5 audio files) #5311 or the E Series #5311-D (e-book and 5 audio files)
  • Improve consonant skills in the context of a comprehensive approach: The MEEC Complete audio Series #1070 or #1070-D the M.E.E.C. Complete E-Series.

Users can upgrade their editions to Audio Series editions (#5311) by contacting LDS & Associates directly (outside the store)


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