M.E.E.C. Intonation Patterns of American English – Digital Series

$ 65.00

Contains: 1 Adobe Acrobat Reader e-Book and four separate MP3 audio files.

Get the portability everyone wants these days:

  • Download your e-book on up to 3 personal devices – and the separate audio files to your chosen music/podcast portal.
  • Get a functionally interactive e-book designed in Adobe Acrobat Reader: use Reader’s annotation tools  and  fill-in blanks throughout to personalize your book.
  • Everything in the audio files is in the e-book, with extra visuals, lists, etc., in the book.
  • Download bonus pull-out separate files for personal lists, reference tables, etc.


Contents:   5 components:  one E-book and four audio (mp3) files.

  • 8th Edition, 2024.
  • ISBN 978-1-883574-36-9
  • E-book is designed as Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf.   Publisher strongly suggests installing most current (free) Reader on devices used.
  •  E-Book (120+ page) is in color, with dynamic links throughout.
  • E-book includes dynamic links in the e-Book to access bonus, interactive (modifiable!) downloadable learning aid files for buyer’s personal use.
  • Audio files are downloaded and accessed separately from E-Book.
  • All audio content is included in E-Book:  added unrecorded lists, visuals, etc., are in the E-Book.


4 MP3 audio files are downloaded separately.

  • All audio content is included in E-Book:  added unrecorded lists, visuals, etc., are in the E-Book.
  • Buyers may download all/partial audio content on up to 3 personal devices/personal cloud.

License Regs

This product includes a dedicated license number.  Buyer receives registration link which must be completed.  Each license number is considered a Single User License: licensee may download all/chosen components on up to 3 personal devices. Buyers receive a downloadable info pdf with all details.

Download Process

PLEASE NOTE: Downloadable content (which, in this case, includes entire product) will not appear immediately upon payment in your cart.  Typically within 24 hours, LDS generates separate license numbers for any downloadable product in your cart. We assign license number(s) to each. Buyer is then emailed directly with details on how to accept/download license personally.


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