What Unique Coupons Do We Have Today for our PTs?

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June-July, 2023!

Sometimes we have something more for you!

If you clicked here, you are a Preferred Trainer – PT – at LDS & Associates! As such, you already have our automatically applied,   unique discounts on nearly all materials and training opportunities in your private, invited access to our store.  You also have significant, scalable discounts added on multiple units of our materials!  

ANY UNIQUE coupons  I can use in my cart? 

                  YES!   Get yourself organized to deliver content for something new in your ‘toolbox’! !  If you’re doing conversational-themed courses, our M.I.A.E. Teacher Toolbox will help you map out a new module! 


Applies to all June-July  orders only.

How does this work?  

    Consider this SIMPLY your info page:  you don’t need to put this page/ ‘product’ in your cart.  Your current PT discounts will still apply:  by using the coupon name below, this will be the an ADDED bonus.

     – Put this item #4606-D in your cart.  The coupon will ONLY apply to the M.I.A.E. Teacher Toolbox #4606-D.

  • In the appropriate slot in your cart, use coupon code
        • 23Summer