PT Membership Requirements

Welcome Preferred Trainers (PTs)!

As you know, when you completed one of our formal series in the OTC (Online Trainer Center), you became an LDS & Associates PT – Preferred Trainer.  That designation welcomed you to an invitation-only section of the webstore.  You can  fast-track log in at the upper right of any page on our site to your special member page:  any potential course links, notes, memberships, etc., are all there, along with immediate access to your special Preferred Trainer Store pages.  Your PT discounts in the online store reflect your prefessional coursework through LDS & Associates. 

We have yet another way to partner with you to improve your trainer ‘edge’ in your marketing efforts:

Become Part of our PT Member Group

We always reach out to  our Preferred Trainers  to find good ‘geo-fits’ for the training inquiries we receive here at LDS & Associates.  These days, distance learning programs are equally sought after – more so, actually!  Most trainers now promote online as well as onsite programs, broadening their global exposure and increasing their consulting opportunities.

We are restarting our formal Find a Trainer Directory on our website.  The new program offers many new searchable categories for your prospects to identify you, not simply global terms like:  onsite, online, accent, esl, etc.)!  You are strongly encouraged to participate!  Currently, there is no annual fee for this program.   There is an added ‘perk’:  those who participate in the PT Member directory will receive an additional 10% permanent discount on all client purchases. See what you can include  in your Profile by opening the data entry form!

We have, however, a few very reasonable requirements for participation in this courtesy service:

  • You must have a website address to be in the directory.
  • We request that you display our PT Member logo  (see below) on your website.   Read the directions for adding this to any page on your website.
  • For the mutual benefit of all who participate, you agree to respond to any inquiries within 48 hours of receipt.
  • If one of our Directory referrals are successful, we ask that you actively use our materials in some fashion with those new clients.  That is, that you include purchases of any of our materials specifically for those clients.

Create Your Profile now…

If you accept the above criteria,  you then submit a robust data profile form.  The good news is we take care of creating your display form from that data!  You need not wait to complete your Profile for the directory until the logo is on your site.   We will not release your directory listing, however, until we verify that the PT Member logo is up on your website. 

In this system, you must complete your form in one sitting.  Please access the submission bar/link at the bottom.  Draft your content offline first!   Review all the details you need to create a great introduction to our viewers.  Really think about how you’re spotlighting the benefits of your branded service  – your consumer appeal. 

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.