Stellar Product Support

We believe that the Advanced ESL and Pronunciation materials in the LDS catalog are among the very best available in the market. We have the tools you need to:

  • accurately pinpoint the nature of accented English
  • screen for adult ESL levels
  • capture the essentials to polish foreign (or regional) accents
  • tackle advanced grammar and English language usage issues

However, training outcomes can fall short — even with the best materials — if the professionals using them don’t have: 1) the expertise to choose the appropriate materials for the training format and the client pool using them or, 2) the know-how to ‘plumb’ the depths of those materials.

This is the order I talked with you about earlier. Kudos to you for your customer service! I’ve already been a fan of your products, but your quick response time today made a huge impression on me!
– L. Scott, Knoxville, TN

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived at my home yesterday (Saturday, July 3rd) about 1:00 PM EST!! I was so amazed. A courier in a car brought it to the front door. I was leaving to go out of town at 2:00 so it was perfect timing!

Thank you again for all your efforts in getting my order to me over this holiday weekend!! You’re the greatest! I look forward to using your program with my clients in the next few days.
– Nancy Price, Accent Management Solutions, Columbia, SC

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Trainers confidently choose our products, knowing that a ‘Help Line’ is available to brainstorm what clients need, to engage in Q&A on testing or training materials, and to ‘bounce’ the finer points of content and methodology. Since our inception, we have received a steady stream of accolades for how we support trainer confidence — and, ultimately, trainer success – by standing by our products.

We appear at state and national convention exhibitions to meet with trainers and demonstrate the testing and training tools in our catalog. Mark the date of our next exhibit opportunity. Let us know if you’re attending this so that we may send you details on our demos, possible trainings, and product discounts for attendees.
We offer a free, online Webinar called Product Rollout! for new products, as they are launched.
New authors are often introduced or interviewed with Meet the Author webinars — also free.
Our product return policies are fair and clearly stated.

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.