Thank You For Your PT Directory Membership Submission

Here’s your final checklist of things to complete/confirm.  If done, we’ll be in touch soon:

  • Your PT Member Logo is installed on your site

Participation in our directory assumes that you proudly post your Preferred Trainer logo on your website.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be only on your home page!  It may be effective to have your link from our Directory go straight to a page on your site where you list upcoming training programs or more details about your specific skills!  We need to confirm your website placement before your membership goes ‘live’.  If you need to install/update your Member logo, please look below.

Please allow us 5 working days to input your data in the Member system.  We will be in touch if there are any questions.

  •  See your new “PT Member Directory Membership”  on your log in welcome page

Just as you had a ‘membership’ for any classes you took with us, you now have a permanent membership for PT Member Directory.  We will also use that to communicate with you.

After logging in, don’t forget to view your PT Store:  when your directory listing officially goes online,  you are upgraded to  a new Buying Tier in the store:  you  save an additional 10% on nearly all items in the store, as well as a better margin on your bulk ordering! 





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