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Trainers who participate in our professional education programs aren’t ‘left at the door’ when an LDS event ends. Nearly all of our programs have some sort of post-event learning activity – many of which are returned for additional feedback by the event speakers. We frequently consult with trainers to help them decide the best way to build their continuing education for accent training. We offer a preliminary Need Assessment on our website as a great first step to determining your educational goals! Since 2007, we have updated and expanded our evaluation process to take advantage of the online survey format available to us. We listed to those evaluations and continually revise our program content. In 2007, we also moved our learning outcomes pre and post assessments to an online survey format for every class, allowing trainers to quickly and readily demonstrate the changes in their knowledge base. We also encourage trainers who want to retake courses by offering generously discounted re-audit rates in our Online Store.

We know that Online Learning/Distance Learning will continue to grow in the coming decade. We were one of the first in the field to actively utilize quality online software to deliver our training. We support those efforts with practical FAQs to build your learning curve. We offer a Tour of Online Learning for you to try the system.

Completion of any professional education program Series automatically enrolls participants in a special support tier at LDS: the Preferred Trainer Program. This includes special discounts in our Online Store for future products or additional education opportunities, a more extensive newsletter exclusive to our trained professionals, PT Accents, the ability to participant in a geographic locator for corporations or individuals who come to our website, and unique networking opportunities and Webinars in a PT only section of our site!

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