The Preferred Trainer Program

The Preferred Trainer (PT) program is at the core of our corporate mission

Our strongest levels of support go to trainers who complete at least one tier of professional continuing education available through LDS & Associates.

Your Permanent PT Discounts Start with Level 1!

Completing Level 1 opens the door to our PT program. This entitle trainers to a 5% discount (often exclusive bundles) on products in our catalog. This 5% is linked to your Preferrred Trainer OnlineStore login.  

Always login in the upper bar of our web pages.  Then, entering your special Preferred Trainer Store, our PTs can easily see their training and/or product savings:  Your discounts are clearly visible on nearly all products in our online store, including professional education:

Permanent PT Discounts are Even Greater With Each Higher Training Level

We believe in continually upgrading your training skills – and reward PTs for that! Completing Level 2 (or higher)  on the LDS Training Continuum, professionals get an additional — permanent — 10% added to their savings.

Annual Continuing Education

Calendar year-specific discounts build your profit margin.  PTs save an annual (must be renewed each calendar year) 5% when they attend other training opportunities at LDS such as:

Major Account Holders

We’d like to further increase our Trainers’ competitive edge by extending an additional 10% discount when product purchases for clients hits the $2000.00 mark during a calendar year (re-figured annually). Successful PTs who run 2-3 small/midsize group programs or who see 7+ individuals annually know that’s an easy target to reach!

The Optional PT Network Registration

Have you completed any of the training levels at LDS? Then contact us to request access to registration today.

This is an optional network for PTs (those who have completed one or more LDS levels of training).

Once your profile is established, you can visit many private, Preferred Trainer (PT) pages exclusively designed to support you in your business efforts including:

Find a Trainer

Our geographic locator  is exclusive to registered PT Members.  Visitors to our Corporate and Learner web pages looking for instructors can see trainer-designed profiles  – and contact them directly. Featured Trainer blocks are options for PT members, based on their training levels and continuing support of our products.  

PT Accents

We have a Preferred Trainer edition of our newsletters that is available by email. PTs sign up for that here. Editions are stored in the PT Member Pages. PT Accents focuses the issues that the more sophisticated trainer is hungry for: the ‘business of doing business’, current research we’d like to share, training event information for PT-only events, polls to determine trends, etc.


A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.