Trainer Education Reviews

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Reviews of LDS Level 1 Series


I have tried to think of something that was the “least helpful,” and I can think of nothing. Every morsel of information has been helpful to me, and my clients will undoubtedly benefit from this session. THANK YOU!!!!!

Charles. R. T.


Still enjoying the course and getting so much out of it. Even for material I’m already very familiar with, it is good to hear the same info from a different perspective and learn how to explain it in a less academic way to clients.

Kim L.

Houston, TX

The explanation of the narrow transcription, reviewing the vowel quadrilateral, reviewing the chart to analyze the videos for vowels by ESL speakers. The instructor’s fluid but very human delivery. I appreciate that you are thinking as you speak and your delivery is not ‘canned’ and drawing upon your extensive personal therapy experience. 

Sunday M.

Deerfield, IL

The concept material was well explained by Lorna. Question/answer and modeling during class was great. 

Remi S.

New Canaan, CT

 Lorna’s Level I Series course helped me tremendously. My skills as an accent trainer have improved, my accent programs are more thorough and effective, and I feel more confident when working with clients. But the best part of Lorna’s course was the post-event feedback that she provided on my first POEC evaluation – her feedback was invaluable, and it’s what makes her training course stand out from the rest!

Julie C..

San Diego, CA

I really enjoyed the real life samples for review!

Olivia B.

Brooklyn, NY

This is a genuine contribution!! I am learning so much. Fascinating! Thank you!
Cindy J.

Diablo, California

The organization of the elements involved in the articulation of each vowel sound material seems very thorough Suggested prep of handouts before webinar. Very clear and sensible suggestions.


Very interesting excellent presentation Lorna’s personal interest in participants progress and comprehension of material.
Paula M.B.


Excellent so far!
Jackie P.

Sweaburg, ONT Canada

A wealth of information! I really enjoyed the detailed ideas for including pronunciation and intonation in each session. A great lecture for preparing sessions with clients.

Always high quality information. Lorna is a great speaker and is so engaging to all of her attendees.

Nadia E. Y.

Barcelona, Spain

Module I – The Vowel System of AE

For me, there was a wealth of information. If I were to pick something in particular, it would be explanation and usage of the narrow transcription symbols when assessing the accented client

Louise B.  San Pedro, CA


The explanation of the superscripts and how the chart tracks vowel movement/placement were particularly helpful. I also appreciated the examples of how some words can fall between categories e.g. “aunt” and “bank.” The discussion of IPA vs. color chart method was enlightening and helpful.

Diana V.H.

Hamden, CT

Module II – Intonation for AE

The visual charts of how you would represent intonation in a sentence in those little mountain-like peaks were helpful and so was the explanation of how you represent stress in words.

Autumn B.,

The intonation testing and instructional tips in the MEEC text are great. Intonation is my favorite part of the course, and I am already thinking about curriculum design. I am still not confident with scoring vowels and consonants, but will hopefully gain confidence with time and practice.  Joy A.

Joy A.  Washington Crossing, PA

All of the examples were very helpful. Also, being able to practice live with each stress and pitch example was very helpful.

Katie D.

Roseville, CA

Up until this sesion, I had NEVER been exposed to a method by which to judge intonation in the American style of English. The markings used for assessment were brand new to me, making this session particularly interesting and useful to me.

Charles T.

Jersey City, NJ

Module V – The Basic ABCs of Instruction

What was particularly helpful?          Examples and reviewing the M.E.E.C. books.

Judy K.

Las Vegas, NV

Was the material interesting?          I was fascinated by the depth of the treatment materials that were presented. I was trained in another accent coach preparation program, and LDS well exceeds the other company, by far. Instead of merely helping clients develop the American style of English speaking by treating only individual phonemes, LDS provides plenty of material for work on the intonation patterns of American English. It appears to be very straight-forward AND comprehensive. Still, I really like the material for vowel and consonant development: lots of examples.

Charles T.

Jersey City, NJ

Module VI  Program Design Options

The material was:

about right [3]

Was the material interesting?

Yes [Y]

What was particularly helpful?

the depth you went into regarding marketing resources and sales tactics.

What was least helpful?

nothing I can think of!

Allison W..

Module VI  Program Design Options

It was very helpful learning about how to design an individual, small group, and midsize group program. It was also very helpful understanding what specific components to include in the small and midsize groups to make sure the most important and common need areas are targeted. The billing basics discussion and costs worksheet are extremely helpful and give a straightforward way of knowing how to adjust your prices accordingly.  Katie D.

Katie D.

Roseville, CA

Module VII -Marketing

Was the material interesting?

Yes [Y]

What was particularly helpful?

The templates of proposals, and the suggestions for the various listserves. Everything presented was very practical and explained thoroughly.

Charmaine H.

Lansing, IL

Unique Webinar Series

I recently completed the webinar – Accent Programs Unique to the Medical Community (Recorded). It was an excellent webinar! I learned a great deal from the webinar. The review of available resources was especially helpful. This was the first time I completed a recorded webinar, and I enjoyed that aspect as well. It allowed me to pause and replay as needed.
Naomi S.,

New Haven, CT

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.