Trainer Needs Assessment

Where do you fall in the training continuum?

Walk through this simple needs assessment.  When you pinpoint your background and previous accent training experiences, then try our answer link!

If you have:

  • never done any work with accented speakers
  • limited (or never had) any accent professional education
  • taken less than 5 clients through a complete accent training program
  • been to other training programs for accent but do NOT have any formalized knowledge base for testing or teaching vowel issues or intonational strategies
  • taken an LDS onsite program or our online Level 1 program but have done nothing in the field for 2+ years!

Our Next Level 1

If you have:

  • taken an LDS onsite program or our online Level 1 web training
  • conducted a complete training for 5+ individual accent clients
  • seen numerous clients, but typically stay with only one instructional format
  • reaped limited success with your marketing endeavors for accent
  • found limited success getting reorder business from completed accent programs – even when you think it went well!
  • not seen your client base expand

Try our Level 2

If you have:

  • completed Level 1 & 2 coursework for accent
  • routinely complete 6+ accent training programs annually
  • utilize 2 or more training formats (i.e., individual, small group, mid-size groups, etc.)
  • have no particular problems, but you’d just like to look at training from a more advanced perspective

Try our Level 3

If you:

  • have completed Level 3 of the LDS training and would like to be part of our online and/or onsite Testing Network, please contact us.

If you:

  • want a online course that has neither prerequisites nor is tied to a particular level
  • haven’t updated your knowledge base for advanced ESL issues this year
  • are looking for interesting applications to explore
  • are, frankly, bored with your current program efforts!

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