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The Best in Materials

LDS continues its long standing tradition of delivering quality materials for improving accent and high-level language and grammar issues. Our materials resonate with adults: consumable products and multimedia options that zero in on conversational and written American English – with the look and feel of the polished corporate training materials they see in the workplace.

The programs we’ve authored are widely recognized bestsellers in the field, yet we continually strive to improve them. We release new editions at an aggressive pace for the publishing industry. We also distribute materials from related publishers and new authors that enhance or augment the LDS product line.

LDS continues to support your accent training programs. Since 2005, we have steadily improved how we sell and market our products and services to Trainers, keeping pace with the trends and technology available. With a few quick profile questions in our Online Store sign in, Trainers and Educators now see an entirely different tier of courses and product information customized just for them:

  • a pricing tier exclusive to Trainers and Educators– increasing your market edge:
    • for materials that LDS also has available to general consumers,
    • for additional training, testing, and marketing products sold exclusively to trainers.
  • bulk ordering options for any product in the Online Store —helping you plan your client purchasing more efficiently.
  • all our onsite and online trainer education programs available to purchase in the Online Store –viewable by trainers and educators only:
    • with thorough and candid course descriptions and pricing trainers appreciate, and
    • with downloadable handouts that allow us to include far more more content than ever before!
  • Our best pricing tier exclusive for those who take our Training, via the Preferred Trainer (PT) Program. Your PT discounts visibly change the prices throughout the Online Store — revealing the significant cost savings to your bottom line for training.

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.