Trainer Support

LDS & Associates began with training professionals as our primary clientele and today, our mission for trainers remains the same:
  1. to produce accent and high level ESL materials that are result-driven, training solutions and
  2. to design train-the-trainer programs we personally would attend!
Success in this mission results in one goal: we become your partner in problem-solving — for your business solutions and for your clients. That includes listening to your ‘wish lists’ and standing by our trainer education and product line — without exception.
  • Our Stellar Product Support has always won high accolades from accent trainers worldwide!
  • Our two newsletters, LDS Accents and PT Accents (a specialty newsletter for our Preferred Trainers) that does far more than tell you what’s new at LDS!
  • Preferred Trainer Program
    Since the 2006 launch, The PT program continues to grow in members and evolve/expand for the types of discounts, marketing and training opportunities we provide.
  • LDS Online Training Center
    LDS online support for trainers is a priority for us! Our OTC is constantly evolving with state of the art platforms, learning systems and frequently updated programs.
  • LinkedIn   Besides Lorna Sikorski’s profile, we also utilize LinkedIn’s specialty pages, creating our own Trainer Interest Page as yet another info stream for networking.

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