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We are pleased that you want to participate in our online directory for individuals  – or corporations – looked for quality services in North American English communication.  When consumers find trainers who want to ‘partner in their problem solving’ for better speaking skills, it’s a win-win for all our Preferred Trainers!  The combination of : how we all respond to inquiries, our use of the PT Member logo and your (consistent) personal branding reinforce the benefits of accent consulting.

You’ve  met the basic requirements for active participation in our Learner Directory.  You will have a new PT Directory Membership group access for our website when you log in, enabling additional discounts in our online store as well!  Please complete your application below.  Expect to hear back no later than 5 working days after submission. 


You will need to complete the applicati0n below in one ‘visit’ (you can’t return to saved information if you leave before submitting). TIP:  review the form to gather what content you need.  How will you craft your benefits in your consumer’s first glance?  Return when you have it ‘roughed out’ and complete it in one sitting!  We’ll chat with you soon.  Questions?  Contact Lorna Sikorski specifically by phone/email.

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