Trainers Overview

The Best in Trainer Materials

Between our own products and those we distribute, our  peers give our products very high marks!   LDS Trainer product line is impressive and comprehensive: solid assessment tools for accent and language fluency, the best-selling M.E.E.C. Series a host of multimedia learning tools, consumable client materials for key grammar and English usage, as well as helpful trainer and marketing aids. 

Find all of them in our Online Store.

 The Best in Trainer Education

LDS continues to offer the highest caliber professional education available today for: accent training content, training delivery issues, high level ESL/language issues, and related areas such as marketing strategies and cultural communication. See our Peer reviews.

Check out our  Level 1 and Level 2 Series.

Go to our webstore and find our Spring 2024 [WEBOne] Level 1 product ready for purchase registrations!

The Best in Trainer Support

Our Preferred Trainer program adds a solid marketing edge to professionals who are serious about their business:   networking, discounted purchasing power in our LDS Online Store and  online exposure for PT businesses  – the Find a Trainer Network.  

A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.