Virginia Westwood, Protea Textware

Protea Textware was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1994 toNAE editions for Protea.jpg create multimedia learning products for K-12 literacy and adult ESL learners. The organization’s founders, Heather Kaufmann and Virginia Westwood, combined their vast experience in ESL, literacy, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and instructional technology to address the lack of pedagogically-appropriate materials for adults and adolescents. Since its founding, Protea has published 14 products for the ESL and literacy markets in the US, the UK, Australia. Protea’s products are highly regarded throughout the world and are currently used in 60 countries.

WeProtea english dialect options.jpg distribute Protea’s downloadable editions in our Online Store – and not just for US English!

“At Protea Textware we understand the particular challenges you face in teaching. With over 15 years experience producing internationally-renowned materials, you can rely on Protea Textware to provide the effective support you need. These are the resources that work.”

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