What’s Their Learning Style?

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Duration: 2 hours live online.

Fee: $89.00  Please note that Preferred Trainer Discounts apply to this event.

Many of our trainers already know a great deal about how to reshape people’s speech and language. Few, however, learned much about the more nebulous aspects of how adults learn and their resulting learning style. The best way to begin is to build a better understanding of personal learning styles – and how each style relates to other learners and their instructors. What’s Their Learning Style? identifies four styles—Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic—and the communication behaviors that distinguish each. This webinar brings the focus to our training participants. We explore the essentials of experiential learning and how to mesh personalities in training: not just our clients’, but our’s as well!

NOTE: Firm and advanced registration period required.  Participants need to complete a personal online survey with sufficient time for instructor review the scoring before the event.  This is the same HRDQ online survey we would give our clients!

Who May Attend

  1. Those SLPs who routinely see adults clinically (especially for those patients still actively working) will find many applications!
  2. Potential trainers in the field of accent improvement, especially those who have attended professional education on the topic, although, in the absence of satisfying #1 above:

We feel that those who have some active training background  with accent clients (e.g., 1-5 active/completed clients) will find the more powerful applications. We welcome what they will bring to the discussions in this webinar!

LDS Preferred Trainers have priority on the calendar for this event!

  *Attendance at this webinar counts as the Preferred Trainer Annual Education Credit.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify six characteristics of adults in learning environments
  • Learn the theoretical framework for adult learning style preferences
  • Identify your dominant learning style
  • Understand strengths and potential trouble spots of each style
  • Discover how style affects forward progress in training
  • Learn how instructors/trainers can “speed read” the learning styles of their clients

What you Get

In addition to our customary Powerpoint notetaking slides and references, participants complete their personal, online survey, entitled “What’s My Learning Style? Assessment.” This is an online (easy) assessment, completed in @ 15 minutes, via a secure, online, e-assessment portal. Participants receive a customized online report shortly before the event. In the webinar, you will refer to your profile and reflect on its implications to the learning environments you create. This assessment has benefited from rigorous analysis procedures: you’ll learn more about the high construct and face validity in the webinar. In fact, each new participant that takes the assessment contributes to HRDQ’s ongoing data analysis.

*Events in this Unique Webinar Series:

This course one of two in a series of webinars aimed at evolving your trainer potential for:

– the business of learning (What’s Their Learning Style?), and

– the business of business (What’s My Communication Style?)! In that webinar, we focus on us: getting the ‘big picture’ applications, identifying our own style, and using this theoretical framework to improve our professional interactions: ‘speed-reading’ those we network with, interacting more effectively in the proposal phase, improving presentation dynamics, etc.

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