Why LDS?

Lorna Sikorski

President and CEO

Dear Colleagues:
In 1987, I started the Trainer Division of LDS & Associates at a time when very few (credible) accent materials were available for professional, working adults. Outside of a few meager presentations at conventions, there was even less trainer education available. Even if you were savvy enough to look outside your own discipline for materials and relevant studies, it was not a ‘user friendly’ process.
While research and development are still quite insular within disciplines, time has (fortunately) improved many of our options. Both trainers and consumers are better informed and vocal about their needs. Through it all, we feel that LDS remains a leader in the field and our initial mission still holds up today:
1) to product accent and high level ESL materials that are result-driven, training solutions and
2) to design train-the-trainer programs I would want to attend!
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A continuing commitment to accented speakers of American English...and the professionals who serve them.